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Lipi Clear


  • Organically cultivated in France, free from heavy metals and harmful substances • The organic maitake essence and organic Eryngii essence are extracted using advanced technology to ensure that polysaccharides activity remains • Produced by France GMP pharmaceutical production to ensure high quality • Bio ECOCERT certified • Does not contain purines • Natural botanic capsule, suitable for vegetarians • Imported from France to Hong Kong by air
  • Replenish the body • Helps manage “3 highs” • Protects the heart, improves blood circulation • Improves cardiovascular health • Helps eliminate wastes in the blood vessels/arteries • Boosts the immune system • Improves cellular health • Improves sleep quality
  • Organic Eryngii extract Organic maitake extract
  • People with “3 highs” problem The middle-aged and the elderly People who have unbalanced diets People who have lack of exercise People who are concerned about cardiovascular health People who frequently eat out and consume foods high in fat and calories
  • For general well-being: Take twice daily, 1-2 capsules each time (morning and evening) People with special needs can adjust the amount of capsules and consume with a balanced diet, please ask our Health Consultant for more information.
  • Belonging to the family of Pleurotaceae, Eryngii is a nutritious and also delicious food ingredient. Traditionally, in Asia, South America and Africa it is used as an important medicinal mushroom. Erynii contains a natural active substance – Lovastatin – which can control HMG-CoA from restoring enzymes. This reduces harmful substances from forming inside the liver which in turn reduces harmful substances from accumulating inside blood vessels. Therefore its active ingredient can prevent precipitation of harmful substances in the blood vessels and also remove wastes from blood vessels to help maintain healthy blood vessel cells and also purify the blood vessels.
  • Grifola frondosa, also known as Maitake, is a precious fungus well-known early in Japan for its efficacy and its rarity was highly valued. In ancient Japan, Maitake’s value equals to that of silver of the same weight. This is because maitake can easily get infected and can only grow under specific temperatures, specific humidity and under a variety of specific environmental factors therefore it is very precious. In America and Europe, it is famous for its delicious taste and is known as the “Hens of Woods”, a valuable food and medicinal mushroom. Maitake contains many active substances, including a rich amount of Grifolan, most of which is β-glucan, excellent for regulating the immune system. Besides, it also contains protein, vitamin C and minerals (including iron, copper and selenium). Polysaccharides have a signaling role in the human body where they can speed up immune cells response. Maitake is excellent for replenishing the body and maintaining health, not only it can boost the body’s immune system but also helps reduce coldness of hands and feet, having a positive effect on the “3 highs”.