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Kid Cal-Pro Plus Zinc (Strawberry Flavor)

Kid Cal-Pro Plus Zinc (Strawberry Flavor)


Consolidate and promote the growth of teeth and bones. Colostrum calcium tablet contains a nice milk scent, it is sweet and delicious and small in shape so that it is convenient for children to chew, it is also healthy and welcomed by children.

  • The new formula: adding vegetal calcium powder, which is easily digested and absorbed • Xylitol sweetness, does not cause tooth decay • Bear-shaped , delicious, help to improve appetite • The product’s manufacturing procedure is strictly supervised, guaranteed that it is produced with quality. It fully meets a child’s nutritional needs and is very suitable for children
  • Effectively consolidates and promotes growth of teeth and bones • Strengthens the immune system • Replenishes children’s essential nutrients and promotes healthy growth
  • Vegetal Calcium Powder, Colostrum Milk Powder
  • Children 3 years or above: Take twice daily, 1-3 tablet(s) each time. Can be chewed or placed in the mouth to dissolve, take before or after meal with warm water, milk or fruit juice. Children under 3: recommended to grind the tablet then add into warm water, milk or fruit juice. People with special needs may adjust the amount of tablets and consume with a balanced diet, please ask our Health Consultants for more information.