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Full protection for the baby, no gut problems. Contains three super probiotics. Taking Nu Pharm’s ERGYPHILUS BABY is easy and convenient, just add the powder into lukewarm water or milk for the baby to drink, even partial eating babies can easily absorb nutrients.

    • Lactobacillus can produce digestive enzymes in the gut and can help digest food and absorb nutrients. Probiotic helps to produce variety of vitamins and at the same time it plays an important role in bone growth • Fermentation of Bifidobacterium in our intestine produces lactic acid and acetic acid, it can reduce the fermentation of harmful bacteria thereby strengthening the movement of the large intestine.
    • Effectively promotes intestinal flora balance in infants • Reduces gut problems • Promotes immunity • Produces important nutrients, fully take care of baby’s growth needs
    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus G.G. Lactobacillus Fermentum Bifidobacterium. Infantis
    • 0-6 year old children: Take 1 sachet daily, can be diluted in a cup of warm water or milk. Older children: Take 1 sachet daily, can be diluted in half a cup of warm water. Take in the morning or empty stomach for better result.
    • People with special needs may adjust the amount of sachets and consume with a balanced diet, please ask our Health Consultants for more information. Note: Probiotics cannot be taken with antibiotics as antibiotics cannot distinguish between harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria, therefore after taking antibiotics, allow 2 to 3 hours before taking probiotics, this will maintain intestinal flora balance bringing a positive effect.