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The advanced patented capsule enclosed the probiotics, which is resistant to gastric acid, thus the probiotics can be safely reached intestines to exert its maximum effects.

  • Developed in Sweden,Imported from Italy by air Acid-resistant capsule, preserving beneficial bacteria activity Aluminum foil independent packaging, easy to carry
  • Irregular bowel movement Intestinal discomfort People having meals at staggered hours After a heavy meal During repeated or unbalanced diet leading to a disturbed transit When sleep is disturbed due to bad digestion To be associated with antibiotic treatments Bad breath Lack of exercise, wish to lose belly Frequent travels
  • Adult and pregnant women: 1-2 capsule(s) per day After heavy meal: Take 1 capsule Children: 1 capsule per day only Please take with cold water and before meals. People with special needs may adjust the amount and consume with a balanced diet, please ask one of our health consultants at Nu Pharm® for more information.