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15 Billion Nu-Reuteri Tablets


15 billion of probiotics is more than the other products in the market, can more effectively improve the stomach and intestinal issues. Acid resistance. Chewable, convenient to carry around, can serve anytime.

  • Acid resistance • Chewable, convenient to carry around, can serve anytime
  • Imported from Sweden by air
    • Promotes stomach health
    • Inhibits the propagation of bad bacteria
    • Balances intestinal health
    • Relieves intestinal discomfort
    • Promotes the health of women’s sensitive areas
    • Relieves journey discomfort
    • Enhance immunity
    • Promotes intestinal peristalsis
    • Improve digestion
    • Soothes sensitive skin

    General: Adult and pregnant women: 1 tablet per day. Once in the morning and evening if special needs. Children: 1 tablet per day. (Crush tablet and dissolve into water before taking if children cannot swallow well. Don’t use hot water.)

    Promote detoxification and improve stomach: Take twice daily, 1-2 tablets each time before meal. People with special needs may adjust the amount, please ask one of our health consultant at Nu Pharm® for more information.