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The Online Shop currently provides courier services to the following countries and regions. We will provide SF Express courier services for online orders from customers in Hong Kong, and Hongkong Post express courier services for customers in mainland China, Macau and overseas. Please refer to the table below for the delivery time of express delivery in and regions.


area  Courier provider Delivery time
Hong Kong SF Express 1-3 working days
Macao Hong Kong Speed Post 7-14 working days
Canada Hong Kong Speed Post 2-9 working days
Australia Hong Kong Speed Post 2-9 working days
United Kingdom Hong Kong Speed Post 2-7 working days
Malaysia Hong Kong Speed Post 2-5 working days
Singapore Hong Kong Speed Post 2-3 working days
Mainland China-Guangdong Province Hong Kong Speed Post: EC Post 4-10 working days
Mainland China-Main Regions* Hong Kong Speed Post: EC Post 4-10 working days
Mainland China-other regions Hong Kong Speed Post 1-14 working days
Taiwan Hong Kong Speed Post 2-3 days

*Main regions in Mainland China are Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Sichuan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shandong and Tianjin.

What is the delivery arrangement? The cut-off time for online shopping orders from is 4:00 pm: -If the order is received before 4 pm, the products will be delivered on the next working day; -If the order is received after 4 pm, the products will be postponed to the the day after the next working day; In general, courier will deliver the order within 1-14 working days.

What should I do if the products have some problems?
For Hong Kong customers, please contact us within three working days (Monday to Friday, except public holidays), and keep the relevant invoice and the delivery notice. For more information, please visit this website "Terms and Conditions".

Customs clearance of overseas customer orders?
Currently, the orders are limited for the customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mainland China. Based on the regulations of different countries and regions, the goods may be shipped in different packages. However, we does not take any responsibility for customs clearance and detention issues that occur in the customs. Overseas customers ordering products in the online shop are tacitly accepting the potential risks that may exist, that is, the "Disclaimer of Overseas Orders in the Online Shopping Mall of Castile".