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Bio Longue Vie® Hericium Erinaceus


Meticulously selecting the fitness spores with the highest quality spores from Hericium Erinaceus. The mycelia grown will be genetically analysis, cultivated in vitro inside an uncontaminated environment. Organically cultivated in France, ruled out the chance of containing heavy metals or harmful substances.

  • Superior spores with top-notch genetic make-up were selected for vitro development • All products are cultivated in Loire Valley, France • Growth under ultra-purified “soilless potting” environment • Production is organically certified by Bureau Veritas Certification of France and European Union endorsement • From both France and Sweden’s Drug Administration and regulatory approvals and the GMP pharmaceutical production • Products are transported to Hong Kong via air-freight, not shipped. To avoid products damaged and contaminated • Hong Kong STC tested Mark
  • Alleviates the discomfort of the stomach • Alleviates the discomfort after chemo/radiotherapy • Strengthens the brain and vision • Maintains vascular health • Enhances immunity of kidney and digestive tract •Energizes skin
    • Short Spines Hericium Erinaceus Powder
    • Dissolve appropriate amount of Bio Longue Vie® Hericium Erinaceus powder into 200ml of hot water. Serve warm. Optional lemon can be added before serving. Consume during and after meal. A complimentary spoon is enclosed which level off to approx. 0.35g of the powder.
    • The product can be consumed according to different needs. The relevant dosages are listed as follows: Suitable for adult and children (age of 3 or above) Not suitable for people who are allergic to mushroom products and for children under 3 years old.