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Liver Clear


Liver protection and skin beautifying. Two types of antioxidants, 100 units of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and 11mg glutathione (GSH). Healthy liver synthesizes essential phospholipids (EPL). Contains the 8 essential amino acids. Natural, no colourings added, organic.

  • LStrengthens liver, promotes normal detoxification and health of hepatocytes
  • Reduces accumulation of visceral fat
  • Reduces damages to liver from drinking, partying, all-nighters and smoking
  • Lessens side effects of alcohol consumption, such as hangover
  • Reduces heatiness
  • Healthy liver synthesizes essential phospholipids (EPL)
  • Whitens skin, lightens pigmentations
  • Lightens freckles caused by sunlight
  • Lightens chloasma
  • Reduces yellow dye on face and palm and darkening of lips
  • Fights free radicals with its antioxidants
  • Gives your skin luster and elasticity, energizes skin and slows down its aging
  • Reduces skin problems at puberty